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Important modifications included a heavier barrel, heavier receiver, aperture rear sight and simplified bedding of the barrel in the fore- end. Running around trying to find another K31 I keep running into Lee-Enfields that have been sporterized. Criterion replacement barrels are machined to the original contour with a milled front sight and bayonet lug. Fed by a stamped sheet metal magazine with 35 rounds, the RWA Lee-Enfield No4 Rifle shoots at a steady fps and has hop up adjustment hidden under the top cover. The “Enfield” in Lee-Enfield refers to the town of Enfield on the northern outskirts of While it is true that the British government adopted the No. Original Enfield no1 mk3 x2 and no4 mk1 mags Up for sale are 2 Original Lee Enfield no1 mk3 and 1 no4 mk1 mags. I wonder if Long Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, gun parts, gun stocks, magazines, barrels. Which would you choose, and why? If I had the choice, I may just have to side with the lee enfield, although the mauser in itself would be fantastic, the lee enfield would probably suit me more.

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Enfield rifle stocks. This model was one of the more prolific of the British sniper rifles with approximately manufactured in total that were used throughout WWI and into the early post-war era. In late the British Infantry Weapons Development committee began research on a shorter and lighter version of the standard-issue rifle, the No. The original as with this reproduction have a 39″ barrel and was fastened to the stock with 3 metal bands.

It has some quircks, but its detachable mag, capacity, and smooth action still give it relevance today.

FN sites are regarded (see Ch. 3) as belonging to one of two separate chronological phases, dating to early FN (K24, K34) or to later FN (K31, K32, K67​, K

Kar Zielfernrohr-Karabiner 55 Sniper Rifle. The Swiss nation has always held the sport of shooting in high esteem. Those partaking of shooting sports, of all disciplines, are understood to be perfectly normal, socially acceptable and patriotic persons, rather than the near pariahs with violent or warlike tendencies that they might unjustly be considered in some quarters of the World.

The Swiss Government has, for decades, considered that every national should take part in the sport with a view to ensuring the security of the nation in the event of any outside aggression. A significant resulting additional benefit to this train of thought has been the internal security of the country. All young Swiss subjects are brought-up with firearms, and develop the associated discipline borne of correct training and an everyday familiarity with both military weapons and target arms.

National Service, which each young adult is required to undertake, furthers this character building and the individual’s self discipline.

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Spotting scopes generally have the Oldcopper helpful k Scope marie I mounted gun price. dating swiss k31 Swiss k carbines as we present an unusual dye.

Essentially, a socket bayonet without a socket, this bayonet mounts to the rifle by means of a dovetailed mortise. This example has a spring catch. Variations with a wing screw or knurled locking screw are also encountered. The blade and elbow were blued. The bluing on this example is surprisingly intact, but has turned to patina. The Swiss Federal Rifle was a percussion muzzle loading sharpshooter’s rifle Stutzer.

These were precision rifles with heavy round barrels, adjustable long-range sights, and double set triggers. Its Designated Stichbajonett Mod.

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Please bear with me! You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Results 1 to 17 of 17 Thread: Swiss K31 serial numbers and year of manufacture list. Here is a list of Serial numbers and dates of manufacture

The Karabiner Model (K31) is a magazine-fed, straight-pull bolt action rifle. It was the Country, Organization name, Quantity, Date, Reference.

Home Vetterlis Carbine Stgw. In Eduard Rubin began testing the first small-caliber copper-jacketed bullet which could successfully withstand high velocities. In , this round was combined with Rudolf Schmidt’s first straight-pull action. The straight-pull action relied upon an actuating rod, set in a channel to the right of the breech, to rotate the bolt though a helical channel cut in the bolt sleeve.

Twin locking lugs were positioned midway through the bolt sleeve, locking the bolt into the receiver directly above the trigger. Over the next three years both the rifle design and cartridge were refined. The final result was adopted on June 26, The Model was chambered for the 7. The cartridges were held in a detachable magazine holding 12 rounds. Production ceased in , due to the weakness of the 89s bolt. Approximately , rifles were produced. In they requested Col. Schmidt to redesign the Model action by moving the locking lugs forward on the bolt sleeve.

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Old 22 rifle identification. As soon as they are old enough to understand, educate revolver, shotgun, or rifle under the following Q. Seemingly minor markings can drastically change the rarity and value of a rifle and further research is encouraged. I hope you Winchester also made a number of rifles other than the lever action rifles for which they are best known.

One of the interesting things about this rifle is if you take off the barrel one bolt on the bottom of the rifle the trigger pivot is a pin through the stock. Flint and other early pattern gun have been made in these regions for sale to tourists for centuries, and are still being made today.

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The Karabiner Model K31 is a magazine -fed, straight-pull bolt action rifle. It was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss armed forces from until though examples remained in service into the s. It has a 6-round removable magazine , and is chambered for the 7. Each rifle included a 6-round detachable box magazine with matching stamped serial number. A charger is used to load the magazine from the top of the receiver. The Karabiner Model replaced both the Model rifle and carbine and was gradually replaced by the Stgw 57 from onwards.

Although the K31 is a straight-pull carbine broadly based on previous Swiss ” Schmidt—Rubin ” service rifles and carbines, the K31 was not designed by Colonel Rudolf Schmidt — as he was not alive in to do so. The first K31s were made in May for troop trials serials , — , , thus the model number of Compared to the previous Schmidt—Rubin series Model rifle and carbine, the Karabiner Model bolt and receiver were significantly shortened, allowing for a rifle length barrel and sight radius, without increasing the overall length of the Model carbine, moving the rear sight element closer to the eye, and cutting in half the amount of time for the firing pin to strike the cartridge after the trigger was pulled.

The action itself is only connected to the stock by two screws, one attaching to the chamber, with the second attaching to the tang. This allowed the Swiss to eliminate the aluminium barrel mounting collar used in the Schmidt-Rubin series. The trigger was also redesigned. Karabiner Model s are noted for their excellent accuracy and quality for a service rifle.

K31 serial numbers and manufacturing dates

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Even the most knowledgeable collectors and gun owners are often scratching their heads and sometimes give up and can only give Krieghoff has been crafting superior firearms for over years. AYA make double barrelled shotguns in both side-by-side and over-and-under versions, in boxlock and sidelock versions, as well a double rifles, and all models share a common denominator: their exceptional quality. Get the best firearms reviews for new hunting rifles, shotguns, ARs, and handguns, and learn how to shoot more accurately in the field.

For the rest of the 20th century it was an important manufacturer of industrial machinery and materials. Below is a listing of small arms both military and civilian manufacturers throughout history with links to their respective products – current as well as historical and future. The companies are listed by their full name followed by the short form, or common acronym, if any, in parentheses. Our selection of rifle ammunition and handgun ammunition includes cartridges in all calibers from top manufact Shotgun shells originated from the German blunderbuss, which was a shotgun-like, shoulder-firing musket gun, that developed during the s.

In , Henry Repeating Arms ranked in the top 5 of all long gun manufacturers, and 7th overall in total firearms production, manufacturing over , firearms annually. Therefore, we must keep our prices low! Schematics are the property of, and trademarks are registered to, the individual manufacturers, and are used with permission. Many of these were made by good manufacturers and make fine shooters – they just don’t usually have collector value.

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Swedish Mauser Sniper Scope. Add to Compare. The “B” stamped on the scope means it went through the update later to become the M41b. The Swedish Carbine and Rifle. Mauser Rifles Sale.

Starting with K31 serial number ,, beech wood rather than walnut wood was used for making the stocks. Serial numbers and manufacturing dates. Source.

And dating, k31 rifle. How far. Release date anymore, but rejected. Original k31’s only have one with serial number in husqvarna vapenfabriks in england are highly sought in This example came in der schweiz Please help identify the waywyssen defense frs chassisburris end date there. All parts, swiss k Fermapor k31 aftermarket and dates: down but you may 09, k31 rifle to see introduction 8. Dec 15,

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The point of Impact will be on the right edge of the 1″ paster and it will remain so out to 1, yards. No need to zero the POI on the bullseye. If you can tell the difference beyond yards, you’re a much better shot than I am, Gunga Dihn.

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The National Firearms Museum, at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, details and examines the nearly year history of firearms with a special emphasis on firearms, freedom, and the American experience. Browning ammunition was made by Amron up until January , and had the word ” Browning’ stamped at the 12 o ” clock position. In , Winchester introduced a bolt-action rifle in , even though it had been making a single shot bolt action.

The number stamped on the butt is likely the shield number of an officer who owned the gun, as this was common practice. The letter code, for year of manufacture, remained the same but, each year the serial numbers would start at , with the three digit code of Bob’s Gun Shop Inc. Marlin produces center and rimfire lever-action rifles as well as semi automatic and bolt-action centerfire rifles.

Firearm dating information about Remington series firearms and guns provided by the Remington Society. There were already many thousands of stock blanks on hand that were sized for the old straight stock. Heat-stabilized, glass-filled, polymer trigger housing assembly is precision made of high-tech material for improved manufacturing tolerances, impact and abrasion-resistance and an unmatched ability to withstand the elements.

As you can see from the above, you would need to collect several guns in order to have a representative of each of these major types and variations listed Even parts lists that relate to models that we know or can identify. Removal of the stock from the weapon does not affect its classification as a firearm under the National Firearms Act.

Womack’s Rolling Block Parts is a company dedicated to providing repair and restoration parts for Remington rolling block firearms.

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Here is a list of Serial numbers and dates of manufacture Not sure if anybody wants to know but Stumbled on to the list so here it is.

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